About Us

The Virtu crafts unique fashion pieces with an unsurpassed quality and focus on luxury details.The Virtu collection reflects the passion and uniqueness of its London based Designer, who has a keen interest in tattoos and the arts.

The art of tattooing is a subject for speculation as they can both attract and repel – precisely because they are different. That is The Virtu’s intention – we focus on creating only extraordinary pieces that arouse curiosity with the realism of the edgy designs and the attention to luxury detail and craftsmanship.


Soft bamboo cotton and indulgent lambs leather ensure a luxury feel to each and every garment.


The Virtu logo itself resembles the human torso as we focus on designing garments to fit and enhance your physique.


Our in-house Greek artist has used the Brand owners' body art and tattoo passion to inspire The Virtu's unique & individual designs


(Intense craftmanship is required to craft the metal shields, hand-placed embellishments & studs that feature on each individual design.